Health and fitness is more than muscle and bone. Now, more than ever we need to make sure our mental muscle matters too.

Dr Kieran Kennedy

Health and fitness is more than muscle and bone. Now, more than ever, we need to make sure our mental muscle matters too.

Dr Kieran Kennedy

Hey there, I'm Kieran.
I'm a Doctor, Mental Health Advocate, Writer & Speaker, Natural Bodybuilder and Fitness Model.

(P.S. I'm also a black coffee addict).

Dr. Kieran Kennedy

As a Medical Doctor and Psychiatry Resident, with degrees in Psychology, Physiology and Medicine / Surgery, I see, first hand, the absolute importance in advocating for mental health.

Mental disorders and struggles sit among our top worldwide illness. Approximately 450 million people worldwide suffer some kind of mental disorder and it is now our leading cause of disability. Recent surveys indicate that near on 50% of Australians might suffer a mental disorder at some point in their lives, with depression and anxiety being among the most common.

And the truth is, there is no stereotype when it comes to mental health and illness. Struggles with mental health affect all ages, sexes, genders, races, bank balances, job titles and body types.

My mission is to promote mental health and break down barriers and stereotypes that are linked to talking about and seeking help for mental illness - for both men and women.

I’m here to revolutionise what it means to be happy and whole. To encourage and inspire others to reach for more, to speak up, to place as much priority on the strength of health and fitness of their mind, as they do their body and appearance - and to live their lives to the fullest.

The time is now for the modern man and woman to embrace their health and fitness in every sense of the word. To begin to grow, to thrive, to strengthen - from the inside as much as the out.

The world’s health and happiness depends on it.

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Just like in the gym, our mental muscle isn’t something given or gifted.

It’s something grown.

I have spent over a decade now studying and honing skills toward the art of medicine and connecting with others to help alleviate suffering. Early on in my studies and career I sparked a clear passion for mental health, and my current work as a doctor sees me working alongside those helping to care for and improve the lives of those struggling with mental health and a range of mental illnesses.

Alongside ongoing clinical work and experience in psychiatry, I've developed a fire for mental health advocacy and extending a voice to the call for thinking more about our health of mind.

Yet, as you can probably tell - I’m not a typical psych doc. Alongside my passion for mental health and medicine, I’m an after hours natural bodybuilder and fitness fanatic. I developed a love for the mental side to training and bodybuilding; seeing how far my mind can go when it comes to my strength and physique.

After training and enjoying the process for a number of years, I eventually struck up the courage to get on stage and compete. Since this time, I have entered a number of bodybuilding competitions in the last 5 years in both New Zealand and Australia. As a result of this, I have secured top tier placings at NZ National level competitions and top 10 placings in National level Australian competitions.

From this has a sprung some fledgling steps into the world of men’s fitness modelling, and I have experience with a range of shoots and international events such as China’s 2017 International Fitness Convention. Presently, I am part of the fitness modelling agency ‘Australia’s Elite Fitness Models’.

To add even more into the mix, I’m an avid writer - both fiction and non-fiction - I currently write for a number of Australian / NZ fitness publications, including Men’s Fitness magazines and Women’s Health and Fitness publications.

Side note: I also cradle a long neglected artistic streak, alongside a massive sweet tooth and an addiction to black coffee. Go figure.

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Born in New Zealand, currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

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